Cancellation and refunding

Your obligations

Under international law, it is an offense to copy, copy the manufacture, import, money, possess, redistribute or modify the proposed content on the service for commercial purposes or for the purpose of giving another unauthorized access to the content of an encrypted program and / or content on demand. Violations that come to the attention of FLAMBOYANTES, may lead to the notification of the police for the purpose of prosecution. The username and password used to log in to the service is personal. You assume responsibility for this username and password not falling into the hands of third parties. In the case of suspicion of unauthorized access as an example. electronic theft (keylogning, viruses, spyware, etc.), you must immediately inform FLAMBOYANTES.


When you purchase an item in our store, a download link will be issued to your mobile device immediately after your payment is accepted. If you are unable to get access to your content due to a failure that's believed to be caused by FLAMBOYANTES system, you will need to make a claim a to cancell the your order within14 normal days.


In case of serious violations of the obligations arising from this agreement, FLAMBOYANTES has the right to stop the service and terminate the agreement without notice. The following conditions must also be taken into consideration in case of serious violation:

- Redistribution of the content of the service to third parties.

- Public projection, or commercial exploitation of content delivered on demand without special agreement with FLAMBOYANTES.

- Use of the product contrary to this Agreement.



Pricing information for each product can be found on FLAMBOYANTES. All prices include VAT.



FLAMBOYANTES solves operational breakdowns that occur in their own equipment and networks as soon as possible. FLAMBOYANTES is not responsible for any related faults on your connection.


Refund in case of interruption

In the event of a breakdown in the FLAMBOYANTES network or equipment that interrupts the connection, FLAMBOYANTES is responsible for making compensation in the form of an extension of the period of use or reimbursement of the payment.